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Miami PD fires 377 rounds at suspect; wounds 2 of it's own (Florida)

Around 3:30 on December 10th, 2013, 27-year-old Adrian Montesano decided to feed his drug addiction by robbing a Walgreen's Pharmacy in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami, Florida. That robbery went horribly wrong and left an entire city in danger.

As Montesano entered the Walgreen's, he immediately drew his handgun and took a hostage. He is seen on surveillance footage holding his pistol to a female employee's neck while demanding the drugs he wanted from employees.

Police then received a call of shots fired at a nearby mobile home park Officer Saul Rodriguez was looking for witnesses to the shots when he was attacked by Montesano. The two men struggled and Montesano somehow got the Officer's gun and shot the 13-year-veteran in the stomach. Police dispatchers could hear Officer Rodriguez gasping for breath while giving a description of the shooter before calling "officer down". Montesano drove away in Rodriguez's squad car.

That sparked a desperate city and region-wide manhunt for the squad car and the shooter. The car was soon located near a family members home and Officer's saw Montesano drive off in a blue Volvo they later identified as his grandmother's car.

A brief chase ended when Montesano crashed the Volvo and left it pinned between a tree and a utility pole leaving the vehicle immobilized. The more than 20 officers that had been involved in the chase stood watching the vehicle for more than a minute when, suddenly, one of the officers opened fire causing other officers to join in until more than 50 rounds had been fired at the car.

The men inside the car managed to survive the initial onslaught. The driver was the only one suspected of a crime. The passenger’s only mistake was having the wrong choice of friends.

A witness, Anthony Vandiver, whose house had already been shot by police in the initial blasts, ran to an upstairs window and had a perfect view down at the blue Volvo disabled in front of his house.

"They said, 'put your hands up!' And the guys were still moving after they shot, like maybe 50-60 times," recalled Mr. Vandiver to CBS-4 Miami. "And the guys tried to put their hands up, and as soon as they put their hands up, it erupted again."

As the suspects raised their hands following officers commends, another intense volley of gunfire was launched. This time, much greater than before. The frenzied gunfire continued rapidly for 25 full seconds as dozens of officers emptied their magazines.

More than 377 rounds of ammunition were fired from 23 officers on scene.

Both Montesano and his passenger were killed in the second wave of gunfire. Also struck by gunfire were two Miami PD officers. Three other officers were hospitalized with minor injuries from the gunfight, including an officer who was hit by flying glass.

All of the officers are expected to make a complete recovery.

No weapon was found inside the Volvo or at the scene of the crash.

Obviously, none of this would have happened without Montesano being a piece of crap drug addict willing to terrorize his own neighborhood and shoot a police officer. But what about the police response?

Is there ever a reason for 377 rounds to be fired with no return fire in a law enforcement scenario?

Watch this footage from CBS 4 in Miami and let us know your thoughts.

Posts: News / Miami PD fires 377 rounds at suspect; wounds 2 of it's own (Florida)

Posted By: Michael
05/20/14 11:57 AM

i have no problem with the excessive force personally. The guy had already shown he would shoot cops, so theres no reason to feel he is going to be cooperative. its kind of too late to be cooperative. As for his friend...yeah, don't keep shitty company. He was a victim of his friend, not the cops. Now the fact that the cops hurt themselves and put others in danger is a problem with their tactical training and that needs to be addressed. Also, some of them clearly went to storm trooper school.
Posted By: Jason
05/20/14 12:05 PM

Considering no gun was found and no shots were fired on the scene by Montesano, I'm going with a severely over the top response. The fact that the patrol officers decided to open fire rather than wait for SRT (who was en route) is another issue. Don't get me wrong, I have no sympathy for Montesano whatsoever. But his friend? We all have a shady friend or two and I would hope to at least get the benefit of the doubt when I'm out with them.

The storm trooper school comment made me lol.
Posted By: Michael
05/20/14 12:36 PM

i actively avoid shady people for friends. And he had already shot someone, so those cops had to assume he had a gun and that he would use it. I maintain no fail except for whatever training led them to believe that what they were doing was tactically sound.
Posted By: angerisagift
05/22/14 09:23 PM

classic spray and pray technique.