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22-year-old bookstore employee draws gun, stops robber (Iowa)

22-year-old Jessica McDonald (pictured above) arrived at work just before 9a.m. and opened the Discount Textbooks in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Discount Textbooks has a gun behind the counter for robberies and Jessica she was comfortable using it but never thought she would have to.

She was wrong.

Moments after Jessica opened the store, a man in his 50's entered the store and started coughing. He used a bandanna to cover his mouth before approaching Jessica, while still using the clutched bandanna to hide his face, and demanding money from the register.

"We were face to face, and then he, like, put the mace right in my face and said, 'Give me all the money out of your register,'" said Jessica.

So... Jessica opened the register and showed the man the empty till - the store had just opened.

That's when Jessica drew the gun and pointed it at the man. He slowly backed away from her. He then bolted away and headed for the parking lot and Jessica gave chase, yelling for people to call 911.

The would-be thief escaped on a black bicycle and police are asking the public for any information they may have.

"Anything could happen had we not had that firearm in that store and she did not have access to it," store manager Paul Tigges said. "We'll never know what might have happened."

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Posts: News / 22-year-old bookstore employee draws gun, stops robber (Iowa)

Posted By: rich8363
05/27/14 05:48 PM

I'm no attorney but, It would seem to me that running after the robber would become an issue in court if she ended up firing on the guy??? She was clearly out of danger once he left.