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3 armed robbers, 2 armed clerks, 1 bad situation (Florida)

"(It was) scary. I got three guns pointed at me and one shotgun at my chest. It's scary. I was really very mad. I'm not going to accept it," said the owner of a Daytona Beach gas station after an armed robbery turned shootout Friday morning (May 30, 2014).

It was just after 2:30a.m. when three men entered the Sunoco store. Two men held pistols while the third man was wielding a shotgun. One of the pistol packing criminals points his gun at a customer and robs that man while the other two thugs rob the clerk.

"He says, 'I will shoot you if you don't give me the money.' I said, 'I'm going to get you the money, don't worry,'" said the store manager, who did not want to be identified.

The robbers cleared out the register and began to flee the store. That's when the clerk and the store owner drew their handguns, went outside and exchanged gunfire with the criminals.

Neither the store owner, store clerk, or customer were wounded. It is unknown if any of the robbers were stuck but the store clerk believes one of them was.

Daytona police say charges are possible for firing their weapons in public but the store manager says he will fight it for his employee because he believes it was justified.

How does this situation fit into your views on defensive gun use?

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Posts: News / 3 armed robbers, 2 armed clerks, 1 bad situation (Florida)

Posted By: angerisagift
05/31/14 07:11 PM

personally i dont think the shooting was justified . the threat was over,right??????? hopefully no1 other than the robbers were hit or injured
Posted By: Jason
05/31/14 07:13 PM

That's my thought as well. I get the desire to go after them but the point of "defensive" gun use is to stop the threat.

It seems like calling 9-1-1 and taking cover in case they came back in was a better way to go.