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Posts: General Discussion / property protection done right Franklin KY

survival66guy Post Author Photo: survival66guy
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property protection done right Franklin KY
05/31/14 07:14 PM

Date: Wednesday May 28, 2014

Time: 2:00p.m.



Jack Traughber is an antiques enthusiast living at J5456 U.S. 31-W in Franklin, Ky . Wednesday afternoon Jack was checking on a property he owns when he came upon a black truck and two men - none of which should have been there. The men were standing outside of an outbuilding filled with antiques, collectibles, and a Corvette show car.


One of the men, identified as William Gabriel Creasy, had a revolver in his hand. When Jack saw the revolver he drew his shotgun and fired at Creasy. Creasy was stuck in the chest and the windshield of the pickup truck was peppered with buckshot.


Creasy was taken to VanderbiltUniversityMedicalCenter in Nashville. Vanderbilt does not release to the media the condition of anyone it considers a victim of violence.


The other man, now known to be Caleb Creasy, was taken into custody at the scene while a third person, Samantha Brooks, was arrested after people reported seeing a woman fleeing the scene.


Traughber has been stolen from on more than one occasion.


“He’s had so much stolen from him over the years out there,” Simpson County Sheriff’s Detective Eddie Lawson said. “I know on at least two occasions we made arrests that are still pending in Simpson Circuit Court.”


I don’t think anyone is going to be stealing from Mr. Traughber any time soon.


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Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
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05/31/14 07:16 PM

is it still not allowed to leave the bad guys bleeding in front of the store as a warning to other potential bad guys?
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