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He came to fix a tire; he stopped an armed robbery (Louisiana)

Despite being out on bond for two armed robberies, despite multiple violations of his bond conditions, despite testing positive for drugs while he was on bond - a 17-year-old identified by police as Jose Valerio attempted to rob three women in New Orleans around 2a.m. Thursday (May 29, 2014).

You read that right. 17 years old, multiple armed robbery charges, multiple bond violations and failed drug tests yet Valerio was free to prey on law abiding citizens.

The three women had gotten a flat tire and one of them called a friend to help. The friend arrived and went about changing the tire - that's when Valerio and another man pulled up in a Chrysler. The friend who was changing the tire was hidden from their view on the far side of the car as Valerio jumped out of the car, pointed a gun at one of the women and demanded her money.

That incredibly well thought out plan went to crap when the friend stood from changing the tire, drew his handgun, and identified himself as a police officer. Valerio turned his gun on the off-duty officer and fired.

As shots were exchanged, Valerio was struck multiple times in the chest.

Valerio was transported to a hospital where he died. His accomplice fled the scene in the Chrysler. Neither the off-duty officer nor any of the women were wounded.

The friend who shot and killed Valerio was identified as an off-duty campus police officer from Southern University at New Orleans.

"It was by the grace of God that he was there for her, God bless him," said Gentilly neighbor Warren Chambers. "I'm sorry for the young man who lost his life, but if you're not doing wrong, you're all right."

Posts: News / He came to fix a tire; he stopped an armed robbery (Louisiana)

Posted By: angerisagift
06/01/14 05:24 PM

AAA plus roadside car service??????? u know u r not having a good day. when u have a flat tire and then some tries to rob u. hopefully with the decriminalization(is that spelled right?)/legalization of marijuana there will b room 4 the violent criminals and not the non-violent drug users.