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Posts: General Discussion / Easy Bake Projects

Jason Post Author Photo: Jason
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Easy Bake Projects
07/19/12 06:52 PM

If you haven't seen these, you need to:


That's right, over at http://www.GlamGuns.Com they show a collection of guns any Easy Baker Gunner would want. Of course after getting really excited and ready to order, we came across their disclaimer that it was all a novelty site and that I was basically a tool for thinking Hello Kitty or My LIttle Pony would be licensed out for a series of assault rifles. I consider that a challenge so over the next few weeks (more likely months since we are good at planning and terrible at follow through) we are going to be creating our own personal versions of these. Why? Because who the hell is going to talk shit about your Hello Kitty AK-47? Seriously? Be sure to check in for updates on the process and if you have any ideas, let us know. The easiest one will probably be done during the next Gun Show because all we need is body armor and a way to embroider a Care Bear to it. Of course, I have to say that I like GlamGuns new bear - Sucking Chest Wound Bear:

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Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
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07/19/12 06:58 PM

i kind of feel like all assault rifles need horsey tails hanging off the back.

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