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Gun Cleaning 101: Don't Shoot Your Dick

Before you even look you know it happened here in Florida. No where else in the world gets the headlines we do.

18 year old Michael Smeriglio (the douchebag in the picture above) first told police he was shot while walking down the street. After questioning he admitted to having shot himself through the dick and one of his balls with a gun he bought at a party a month ago.

As an added bonus, when the police came to investigate, they found pot and arrested his friend for possession.

While this isn't specifically gun related, it is news and I wanted to make sure that anyone who Googled Mikey would know why they call him One Nut from now on.

Posts: News / Gun Cleaning 101: Don't Shoot Your Dick

Posted By: Michael
09/10/12 04:55 PM

yeah. total douche. he was gonna hurt someone for glad it was himself.