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Range Report 2012 - 09 - 02

I've been slacking on the range reports lately. Since the last range report (August 17), there have probably been 4 trips to the range. After going on something of a training video marathon (Magpul Dynamics, Travis Haley, Gunsite, and PDN) as well as more coaching from an operator friend I've been working on drills to increase both speed and accuracy.

In the Art of the Dynamic Handgun, Travis Haley mentioned that he likes to start and end each of his handgun range sessions with 10 rounds at 25 yards to make himself focus on the basics. I asked my operator friend his input and he agreed and said he does the same thing. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

In the last post I showed a group at 25 yards going for head shots (the rest of the target was trashed already). I was getting a successful grouping yet each time there would be 1-3 rounds off target completely. This was the range trip where everything seemed to click at distance and I was getting quick, clean site picture each and every round.

This was the 25 yard handgun target. Remember, the breakdown is:
Jayson = Circles
Mike = Triangles
Me (Jason) = Squares
Tiffany = Hearts

I'll be hitting the range again in the next day or two and will have a new range report with more pictures and video.

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Posted By: Jayson
09/11/12 08:59 AM

I am pretty unhappy with my results here. I want to try and stop at Walmart for ammo tonight and get out of work early on Wednesday to practice a bit with the 9 and the 380 (if I can get ammo for both).
Posted By: Jason
09/11/12 01:14 PM

If you really twist my arm you can convince me to go. I mean, those gun things are so scary and dangerous... I don't know if it's safe to touch them.
Posted By: Michael
09/11/12 01:46 PM

I am down for wednesday. I have been practicing my trigger control and I am anxious to see if it converts to results.
Posted By: Jayson
09/11/12 03:09 PM

I'm not entirely sure what you two are talking about. I just want to go shoot guns.
Posted By: Michael
09/11/12 04:04 PM

im saying lets do it. i think limp wrizkit is too.