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Its Time to Leave the Bar.... BANG!

Home sweet home yet again.

Uh huh, a Flagler Beach woman, 38 year old Maureen Eleanor Witkowski, was out with a friend at a local dive bar on A1A (BEACHFRONT AVENUE!) when she decided it was time to go home. Her friend disagreed.

So what do you do when your friends aren't ready to leave? Well, if you're a drunk beach troll you grab your .38 and fire a single shot in the air. That's known in both the ghetto and the trailer park as the "party's over" sign.

Of course police always disagree with that code so they came, found the gun where she had hidden it, and hauled her off to jail.

Posts: News / Its Time to Leave the Bar.... BANG!

Posted By: Jayson
09/12/12 01:51 PM

Damn. More and more every day I am so happy that this is where I'm from. Truly happy.
Posted By: Michael
09/12/12 02:09 PM

well im certainly not saying anything about the fact that she is polish.
Posted By: Jason
09/12/12 03:15 PM

From my experience with Poles in Florida, it's not the first time she was shooting while drunk.