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Posts: Handguns / Pistols / Kel-Tec pf9 Accuracy Range Report

Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
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Kel-Tec pf9 Accuracy Range Report
07/31/12 03:14 AM

After putting a little elbow grease into getting my Kel-Tec pf9 in working condition (see I have been able to get a decent amount of rounds down range without major issues. 

I will say that even with the modifications I made, at about 60 to 70 rounds, the ejector is so fouled up that the gun becomes unreliable.  This fact accents the common feeling amonst pf9 owners that this is "not a range gun" Still, after cleaning it up, it was ready for more failure free rounds the next day and I was able to actually test what the gun could do. 

Since I am not the most accurate shooter in the world by far, I decided to benchmark my ability with my CZ-75 P-07 Duty 9mm.  I have owned this handgun for a long time and it is the handgun I am most capable with. 

I put a target dot on the upper left of the IDPA target for the p-07 and fired 9 rounds (I meant to fire 8 but i overloaded accidentally ) at the target at 5 yards.  I then put a target dot on the upper right target for the pf9 at 5 yards and fired 8 rounds.  I did both guns roughly a round per second.   As you can see, the Duty has a tighter grouping although not incredibly so.  The grouping on the keltec is decent for 5 yards, a common self defense situation, but it is noticably more sporadic than the cz-75.  It also shoots, low, but the rear sites are adjustable and I figure i can fix that. 

I then did the same with the lower part of the target, the p-07 on the left and the pf9 on the right - this time i pushed the target to 7 yards.  You will notice that the CZ grouping is even tighter.  It has been noted by other CZ-75 owners that it tends to be more accurate past 5 yards.  Interestingly though, the Kel-Tec pf9 group is pretty much the same as at 5 yards. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the CZ-75 is a double action/single action pistol. As I carry the gun double action, I train with the first shot as a double action pull. The rest are single action pulls. Theoretically I could have fired all 8 shots on the CZ in about 5 seconds with mostly similar groupings. The Kel-Tec pf9 however is double action only. All shots are double action and that trigger pull is long. I am sure I can speed it up with some practice, but currently, if I try to fire more than 1 shot a second, the long double action pull of the pf9 causes me to jerk the shots limiting its effectiveness at longer range. In the following photo, you can see what the Kel-Tec pf9 can do (in my hands) at 15 yards as compared to the cz p-07 duty. In this drill, the shots were also fired about a round a second. The CZ-75 shots are the 4 on the splatter target plus the shots denoted by a square. the Kel-Tec pf9 shots are the ones denoted by a triangle. None of the Kel-Tec shots hit the splatter target. Still, at 15 yards, i suspect the Kel-Tec performed well enough.

I really do feel that at short range, the pf9 is as good a defensive carry as any. Opening the range to less likely defensive scenarios, it still performs though clearly not as well. I haven't had a chance to seriously test it at more than 15 yards, but defensively, I don't know why I would be engaging a target that far away. I hope this helps any one considering the pf9 understand what it is capable of as far as accuracy is concerned. I consider myself to be an intermediate shooter and as such have decided that the Kel-Tec pf9 is a good inexpensive concealed carry firearm when sub-compact carry is desired.
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