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Jason's Gun Checklist
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FN Herstal - Five-seveN

Lighweight, high capacity, and hyper accurate - what more could you want? - How can you not like a gun that lets you top load 20 rifle style rounds into it, has a flame that looks compares with jets taking off from a carrier, and makes you a better shooter because of its accuracy? Oh, I forgot to mention that it has all of kick of a BB gun. The only negative I can say about the Five-seveN is the cost of the ammo. It's similar to 44 Magnum so it's certainly not outland...
Izhmash - AK-47

Iconic. Classic. Reliable. Even Ice Cube loves it! - What can be said that hasn't already been said. It's the iconic rifle of the late 1900's and continues to be used in every corner of the world. While it has a reputation for being inaccurate, it seems to decimate the little zombie chihuahua any time I want it to and that's what matters to me. How can you not love the AK-47? Even if it is that cheap Romanian version. From Check Yo Self: Tric...
Kel-Tec - PF-9

A tiny semi-auto with a giant trigger pull - Let me start by saying that if it wasn't for Mike figuring out how to fix the ejector problem (, I'd have given this gun a 1. From the factory, the FTE issues were just unreasonable. You can only have a firing pin eject with the bullet so many times before you call it a day. Instead, Mike came up with th...
Walther - PPK and PPK/S

Bond. James Bond. - Who doesn't love the classic Bond gun? It's a gorgeous gun with great ergonomics for a one-handed grip. When you go to a traditional two handed grip, the size of the gun is apparent. Even in my little girl hands I feel like there's not enough gun to hold on to. Similarly, I think the size of the gun necessitated using smaller stalks for the sites and it makes for slower site acquisition. Perhap...
Ruger - 22/45

Pop. Pop. Pop. PopPop. PopPop. PopPopPopPopPop. That's how it starts - Realize that the 22/45 we were using had a red-dot on it and that's exactly how the shooting started. A few single shots, right into double hammers, and then 3-5 at a time with awesome accuracy. The fun factor on this gun lasted about 4-5 magazines for me and then I thought I was done. But when we had one more mag to finish off I jumped at the chance. The 22/45 is one of those sneaky fun guns b...
FN Herstal - SCAR

No recoil, more accurate than I am - I want it. - As I stared down the gun and knew I had to talk to the guy shooting it, I knew what it was. Let's start the conversation. A few minutes in and it's show and tell time. He goes over the basics and I listen as if I haven't read every article about it. He asks if I want to fire a few rounds and I purposely count to three before answering so i dont sound like this: P3ALwKeSEYs I take a few ro...
Para Ordnance - Warthog Single Action

A subcompact 1911? Yeah, I'll shoot that - I've been wanting to shoot the Warthog since a neighbor told us she had a gun. When we asked what kind she said, "I don't know". Mike got all gushy about how awesome it was and said he'd buy it on the spot. I think he blew the sale by talking about how great it was, but that's a conversation for another time. We finally got Wayne (a figure we were beginning to believe was related to the Loch Ne...
Steyr - S40 / S40-A1

Perfection in .40 caliber. - Simply put, I love this gun. The trapezoidal sites make target acquisition simple and quick. The steep angle and high notch in the grip allow for a very high tang grip. Combine that really high tang grip with the very short height of the slide and you've got a gun and a grip that minimizes the recoil from the .40 S&W ammo. More importantly, what recoil there is comes straight back as opposed to ki...
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ 85 B

- ...
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ-75 P-07 Duty

- ...
Springfield Armory - XD9 Sub-Compact

Everything the PF-9 was supposed to be - but better - When Mike was looking and decided on the xD subcompact, I was thrilled for two reasons. 1 - New gun to shoot!, and 2 - No more Kel-tec PF-9 repair trips The xD is absolutely fantastic in every way: Size: It's slightly bigger than the PF-9 and similar guns and, as I've said many times - I don't like the pocket guns. The xD seem like the ideal combo of size and concealment. Recoil: Mini...
Beretta - CX4 Storm

- ...
Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI) - TAVOR

The bullpup, evolved - The Tavor really is the next evolution of the bullpup. I've had the FS2000, the AUG, and put plenty of rounds through PS-90's. The Tavor is head and shoulders above those as a battle rifle. The compact design of the bullpup along with IWI's improvements on past bullpup issues has lead to a great rifle with only minor shortcomings: - The trigger. It's around 11lbs. but these days that feels ...
Taurus - Millennium Pro 111

I recommend women avoid low cut tops when firing the Millennium Pro 111 - I fired this gun during <a href="">Sarahs first day at the range</a> after believing her when she said, "It's been cleaned". Of course, by the second magazine we were getting FTF's (you can even see one in the video. All it took was a tap on the mag and the round would seat just fine. I initially thought it was just Taurus...