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syntaxxor's Gun Checklist
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Glock - G17

Reliable, crisp trigger, will fire anything. - I've owned a G17 for a few years now, and have used it as my car gun as well. It's always been reliable and has never failed me personally. Don't limp wrist though...because I have seen stove pipes from that. (My little sister shot it)...
Taurus - 1911

Low muzzle flip, smooth trigger....a 1911. - One of my Taurus' best guns I would have to say. Many people dislike Taurus because, well they're gun snobs; however Taurus hit a home-run with this 1911. Never had a failure; many hi-cost features on this well budgetted gun....
Walther - PK380

Lightweight, good trigger, scary safety. Great for a CCW. - This was formerly my conceal carry weapon; though I have since sold it. A decent magazine capacity, easy handling and use. The finish is very touchy though; scratched up pretty easily....