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tommy's Gun Checklist
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Mossberg - 500

- ...
Walther - PPK and PPK/S

- ...
Sig Sauer - P226

- ...
Ruger - SR22

- ...
Sig Sauer - SP2022

I LOVE THIS WEAPON - I picked up my 2022 a couple months ago at the gun show for 399.00. I read some reviews online and some people were giving it mixed reviews. they were having problems with feeding . As of this point ive put about 500 rounds through this weapon and have not had a single issue.I bought it in 9mm, so it has a 15 round magazine capacity. Unfortunately it only comes with one magazine. On the bright sid...
Springfield Armory - 1911

What a great 1911 - I just got a new Springfield armory 1911 for my birthday, and man was i impressed. It comes in a hard plastic case with two magazines and two sets of grips,One set of cocobolo hardwood and one set of black plastic. I left the wood grips on because its stainless and it makes it look classyier (thats a word) both appear to be the same size. The fit and finish on the pistol is flawless and the slide ...
Colt - Defender Series

great for carry - Great for carry, easy to conceal. i felt like 45 acp was a little excessive for a barrel that short but to each there own...
Heckler and Koch (H&K) (HK) - P2000

- ...
Heckler and Koch (H&K) (HK) - USP Compact

Top of the line - HK is a top of the line weapons manufacturer and this weapon is no exception. I own one of these in 40 caliber. I have probably 3000 rounds thru it and its only had maybe one malfunction. HKs are made with extra strong recoil springs so they can cycle pretty much any ammo....
Ruger - LCP

- ...
Ruger - Super Redhawk

This thing is a beast - I've shot one of these bad boys in 44 magnum. Its big , heavy and loud and a blast to shoot....
Heckler and Koch (H&K) (HK) - USP

- ...