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Tisiphone's Gun Checklist
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Beretta - 92 Series

- ...
Ruger - Mark III

Excellent Target Pistol - I own a MKI and a bull barrel MKIII and have fired pretty much every iteration. I prefer the MKII slightly over the MKIII, given a choice. Depending on where and at what range you will be shooting, I suggest giving both the fluted and bull barrel a try to see what works better for you. I'm a big fan of the MK series as a target pistol. It's extremely well made for the price, accurate, and there...
Springfield Armory - XD(M)

- ...
Ruger - SR9

Rock solid, except for the goofy trigger. - This is now my primary 9mm for tactical courses. I've been a big fan of my other Ruger firearms, so I purchased an SR9.To be honest, I was determined to use it, and it took a lot of practice to get comfortable with the stock trigger on the SR9. It's a notably long and uneven pull. I would recommend everybody who purchases an SR9 buy a replacement trigger reset bar from a third party. I bought a 5 ...