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RandallFlagg's Gun Checklist
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Mossberg - 500

Sweet weapon! - Kicks nicely, and hits what you're aiming for -even after a couple of Vespers....
Beretta - 92 Series

Awesome Italian work of art! - I've had my trusty 92FS since 1996. Heavy to carry, but extremely reliable. I'll have to carry it as my main EDC when I send my Springfield XDm to their shop for the threaded/extended barrel while waiting for my suppressor's tax stamp. Used it for the WeLikeShooting challenge, "Get Your Riggs On," a couple of months ago. Wasn't too bad, but I could have done better....
Springfield Armory - XD(M)

The pistol that I've named, "Say┼Źnara." - I initially bought this pistol because my Sons are big fans of the video game, "Half Life 2," and couldn't afford the HK USP Match. But shooting this bad boy? Holy crap! I have never missed what I was aiming at. Easy to clean and nice to carry. Thanks to the CCWComfortSling, I can carry the XDm and 2 spare magazines with no problem at all. I shall be a sad man when I have to send this weapon t...
Springfield Armory - XD-S

Totally, completely, and amazingly AWESOME - (This is from my lovely Wife's mouth -who carries this weapon every day) "Very easy to handle. Small. Accurate and easy to conceal, and pretty. I don't even feel it on me, and it saved my butt once when some loser tried to get into my vehicle. He about pooped his pants when he saw my hand gripping my baby. I'm very confident that I can use it to defend myself and my family. It's a very comforta...
Hi Point - 40 S&W Carbine

WOW! This is more accurate than I'd thought! - Only gave this a 4.5 because I'm an idiot. After taking it out to shoot for the first time, I came home to break it down for cleaning. LAUNCHED a spring straight into outer freaking space! Still, great weapon for the price. Glad they finally came out with the 15-round magazines, too....
Kel-Tec - P-11

The first gun I bought for my Wife. OW! - It did what it was supposed to do. But I hated that double action only trigger pull. Someone told me that it was ELEVEN POUNDS! I believe it. It also pinched the heck out of the palm between the edge of the magazine and the grip. Sold it the following week, and bought her a Springfield XDs .45 for her birthday. ...
Kahr Arms - CW45

This is my EDC for all occasions. - It took a while to get used to shooting such a powerful cartridge in such a small pistol, but it was worth it. The Kahr CW45 shoots target rounds until the cows come home, but is VERY picky about the defensive cartridges that you feed it. I tried feeding the Speer Gold Dot 230 grain cartridges and I couldn't get the chambered cartridge out of the chamber. I then switched to the Hornady TAP FPD 230...