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Kimber's Gun Checklist
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Colt - Gold Cup Series

I like the kimbers - ...
Glock - G30

- ...
Smith and Wesson - M&P40

Awesome so far - Nice gun! Bought it for my son....
Kimber - Custom II

Heavy Duty - For the price you get a lot of quality. The steel frame is a great work horse for lots of shooting....
Kimber - Pro Carry II

I own four of they, love them but they have issues. - They are light weight, reliable, accurate, with this said here are their flaws. 1) On two of the 4 that I own, the safety / slide release plunger tube has come loose and needed to be re-staked. 2) On the models with a aluminum feed ramp, you must be certain when using JHPs that they are not eating into the ramp. Nosler JHPs tore into the ramp on my Crimson Custom Carry II....
Smith and Wesson - M&P40 Compact

Awesome - Liked it so much I bought the full size version of it....
CZ ceska zbrojovka - CZ P-01

I had the 40P - Never had a problem with it, just didnt like some of the plastic parts in the guide rod....
Kimber - Super Carry Ultra

Awesome - The only issue is with the plunger tube for the safety / slide release is coming loose. Its a tack driver for such a short barrel. Doesn't share the issues with the other aluminum feed ramp models. This is my favorite CCW...
Smith and Wesson - M&P340

I have the 360 version with exposed hammer - Its great for what it is intended for. My every day carry. Have 357 full loads for carry and use 38s for training....