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GeneralPatton's Gun Checklist
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Glock - G30

Excellent larger CC weapon - I use my Model 30 during the winter when I have more clothing to cover it. I'm not that big a man so it can be difficult to conceal some of the larger guns, and the only reason I call this one larger is the double stack mag makes the grip a bit fat. Bigger guys needn't worry as they can more easily conceal it. Great gun all around though, owned mine since 2003 and it has never malfunctioned in ...
Smith and Wesson - Model 19 (Combat Magnum)

Amazing quality as always from S&W - The model 19 was the first handgun I ever fired. My dad got it from a buddy who had used it during his days as a FL highway patrolman. Even with all the new technology out there, you can't beat an ole six shooter for reliability. Being able to shoot .38 shells also means the wife will shoot it. Great all around piece....
Beretta - Model 21 Bobcat

Easily concealable pocket gun - Great for conceal purposes. The pop top barrel is nice for loading, working the slide is kinda tough. it's a bit finicky on ammo though, must use 40gr to get proper cycling. I probably wouldn't buy it again, but it works well for a woman's purse carry gun....
Colt - Single Action Army Revolver

The gun that started a revolution - I've been fortunate enough to shoot one from 1898 and I have shot the newest gen model as well. Can't say enough good things about it. It never fails to shoot, it feels good, it looks like it means business. One of these with a John Wayne holster and you'll feel like you are back in the Wild West again....
Kel-Tec - P-3AT

Decent concealable carry piece - I've had this one for quite a while. It was the last of the "pocket guns" I bought. I carry it in an ankle holster. It's not really pleasurable to shoot in any quantity at the range. But it serves it's purpose as a small everyday carry piece....
Kimber - Custom II

Very nice finish, quality appears excellent, lots of aftermarket addons available - Owned one of these for 9 years. It's a great presentation piece. The aesthetics are wonderful. That being said, I did have some FTF/FTE issues in the first 1000 rounds. After a reliability job it got better, but I still had my doubts about carrying this as a SD weapon with the concern it could FTF when needed most. During range visits, I'd get about 1 FTE per 50 rounds. Tried multiple differ...
Hi Point - 45 ACP

An expensive paper weight - Outdated design, heavy, ugly as sin. If you want a cheap gun to beat the crap out of, this is it. Many of the women that I know that have fired one greatly dislike it and the way it functions. I have questions as to the durability over time, and wouldn't buy one. I know some who do own it and say it functions ok for what it is....
Kel-Tec - P-32

Great little carry gun - This is the gun my wife carries daily. She like the lower caliber as it doesn't wear out her hands while shooting at the range. .32 caliber ammo is relatively cheap, so practicing doesn't cost a fortune....
Sig Sauer - P938

Super concealable 9mm for everyday carry - I just got one of these for my daily carry gun. The 6 + 1 did bother me at first, though you can get a factory 7 round magazine as well. (though it is highly overpriced in relation, with a retail price near $50) I have been to the range with it twice, and put 200 rounds through it. I had one FTE and it was my fault as I limp wristed it. I do with it was double action, but as I carried a 1911 c...
Smith and Wesson - M&P15-22

- ...
Walther - P22

Great little plinker - Great little plinker with lots of accessories available. The extended barrel aids in increasing accuracy, and the threaded barrel allows addons or even catch cans for cleaning. My wife and kids shoot this one all day long. I'd imagine I have at least 7-8 thousand rounds through it and no issues....
Sig Sauer - P226 X-Five

- ...