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uscbchuck's Gun Checklist
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Mossberg - 500

yep, goes boom - ...
FN Herstal - Five-seveN

cool - have the ps90, low recoil and accurate...
Izhmash - AK-47

shoots - if you need a meat grinder and dont mind digging a hole or rowing a canoe, this is the gun for you. comes used from
Ruger - 22/45

have - after tweeking, some upgrades, shoots great, indestructable. but a pain to break down and clean. fun shooter,especially when using a suppressor....
Glock - G30

good gun - accurate shooter,and just makes it for a cwp weapon. holds 10 rounds and glocks lowers hardly weigh an ounce....
FN Herstal - P90 / PS90

ps90 - have it... wish more manufacturers made ammo. its hard to find, although fiocci makes it here for fn, they are the only ones. great shooter, no recoil and pretty accurate. 50 rounds, and cool looking....
Glock - G17

my personal fave - put a compitition barell on it with a recoil comp, and super accurate. gen 4 is the best. it would be my goto gun anytime....