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Steyr S40 / S40-A1 Reviews
Steyr - S40 / S40-A1

If Accuracy is Weird, I don't want to be normal - This compact striker is a stinger. I shot it in a 40 cal and its amazing how manageable the recoil is. Don't get me wrong. Put enough rounds down range with this puppy and your hand is going to start to ache, but all the recoil goes back not up and target reacquisition is a breeze. The unique triangular site system is extremely accurate and great for long distance. I was able to put mortal sh...
Steyr - S40 / S40-A1

Perfection in .40 caliber. - Simply put, I love this gun. The trapezoidal sites make target acquisition simple and quick. The steep angle and high notch in the grip allow for a very high tang grip. Combine that really high tang grip with the very short height of the slide and you've got a gun and a grip that minimizes the recoil from the .40 S&W ammo. More importantly, what recoil there is comes straight back as opposed to ki...
Steyr - S40 / S40-A1

Sights take some getting used to but once you do, nice gun - I give it a three because as a compact it is kind of big and I think it would be a liitle difficult for me to conceal without a jacket or hoodie. That said, once you do get used to the sights and the trigger it is a lot of fun. And at 25yrds, the gun is more accurate than I am capable of taking advantage of (proof of that here