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Frommer Model 1910

Despite the odd name and terrible lines, the Frommer was actually a pretty good gun from a technical perspective. It was one of a small number of reasonably successful long recoil designs – meaning that the bolt and barrel remain locked until they both reach the end of travel (in other words, the barrel recoils a distance equal to or longer than the length of the cartridge). This type of design operates slower than many others, giving the Frommer a milder felt recoil than many of its contemporaries – although there’s not much recoil in the first place from its cartridge (7.65 x 12.8mm, if you can picture something that tiny). Speaking of the cartridge, there is some disagreement on the β€˜net about just what cartridge the Frommer 1910 used. The answer is the 7.65 Frommer – not the .32ACP.


Country of Origin: Austria-Hungary
Caliber: 7.65mm
Operation: Blowback
Weight: .59kg (1.3lbs)
Overall Length: 184mm (7.25in)
Barrel Length: 108mm (4.25in)
Muzzle Velocity: 335m/sec (1100ft/sec)
Feed/Magazine: 7-round magazine
Range: 20m (66ft)
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