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Mauser Gewehr 98

The Gewehr 98 or model 98 (M98) rifle is a manually operated, magazine fed, controlled-feed bolt-action rifle, 1,250 mm (49 in) in length and 4.09 kg (9 lb) in weight. It has a 740 mm (29 in) long rifled barrel and carries 5 rounds ammunition in an internal magazine. The Gewehr 98 has two sling swivels, open front sights, and a curved tangent-type rear sight, known as the Lange Visier. The controlled-feed Mauser M98 bolt-action system is a simple, strong, safe, and well-thought-out design that inspired other military and hunting/sporting rifle designs that became available during the 20th century. A three-position safety attached at the rear of the bolt which operating lever can be flicked from right (safety on, bolt locked) to middle (safety on, bolt can be opened for reloading), to left (ready to fire) but only when the rifle is cocked, otherwise the safety will not move.


Country of Origin: Germany
Date: 1898
Caliber: 7.92mm (.312in)
Operation: Bolt action
Weight: 4.2kg (9.2lbs)
Overall Length: 1250mm (49.2in)
Barrel Length: 740mm (29.1in)
Muzzle Velocity: 640m/sec (2100ft/sec)
Feed / Magazine: 5-round box magazine
Range: 500m (1640ft)
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