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Beretta U22 Neos

From Wikipedia:

The U22 Neos is a .22 LR semi-automatic, single-action-only pistol made in the USA or Italy by Beretta. The barrel is available in 4.5", 6", and 7.5" lengths. A rail on top of the barrel telescopes back over the bolt and incorporates adjustable sights and a scope mount. Inox stainless steel and blued finishes are available and an Inox deluxe version is also offered, which features colored grips, a selection of interchangeable colored sighting blades, adjustable trigger, and the Neos logo etched on the slider. Standard packaging includes two 10-round magazines.

The design of the Neos is novel in several ways. Like many contemporary pistols, the frame of the Neos is a simple rail and the grip is a separate, non-serialized piece. The striker is visible at the rear of the bolt when it is cocked. The magazine release is in an unusual location on the right side of the frame above the trigger guard actuated by the trigger finger of a right-handed shooter or the weak hand of a left-handed shooter. The styling of the Neos was intended to be radical and modern. Its form factor is similar to that of the Colt 22 Target, with a lever rather than push-button safety.

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