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Mossberg 500

Mossberg's 500 pump-action shotguns offer an amazing amount of gun for an unbeatable price. The variety of stock, barrel and finish options alone would assure the place of the 500® in the hearts of outdoorsmen. But, of course, its performance in the field goes a long way in cementing its reputation with millions of hunters as well.

First and foremost, the 500 is built to the same uncompromising mil-specs as the renowned Mossberg 590. Then a host of features are introduced - Quiet Carry dual-action bars, 3" chambers and an ambidextrous safety, to name a few. Some models also include factory-ported barrels; the industry's first fully-rifled slug barrel and our Trophy Slugster. A simple change of barrel and/or choke tubes is all that's required to take one shotgun from upland birds to waterfowl, to turkey, to deer.
Mossberg 500 Reviews

Posts: Guns / Mossberg: 500

Posted By: Jayson
08/12/12 06:14 PM

18.5" barrel. Tactical, recoil reducing pistol grip.
Posted By: bagpipesactual
12/20/12 08:41 PM

Nothing says you got the wrong house more than the sound of a 500 racking one into the chamber.....
Posted By: Jayson
12/31/12 11:37 AM

"Nothing says you got the wrong house more than the sound of a 500 racking one into the chamber..... "

I don't know, the boom may be more convincing.
Posted By: homesmith
01/05/13 07:21 PM

I've owned 3 of these over the years. Loved them all. This is a simple and robust shotgun!
Posted By: Michael
01/10/13 11:52 PM

I keep mine right by the front door. I can't imagine a better choice for home defensive gun use.
Posted By: cherokee
02/10/13 03:36 PM

I have built 4 of these over the years from mossberg pump shotguns ,
They are an excellent defense gun ,and a good rabbit shooter too ,
I still have one with the 18 1/2 in barrel with extended shell magazine tube ,
Holds 8 rounds ,a. Keeper for sure
Posted By: wwimberly
05/07/13 06:40 AM

I have the 590, sweet!