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Hi Point 40 S&W


One of Hi-Point's selling points is that despite the low cost of their guns, each one comes with a "lifetime, no-questions asked warranty." This warranty is for the lifetime of the gun and extends to subsequent owners.

Because they are based on a blowback design, their firearms have a heavy slide to hold the breech closed. For their pistols in particular, this results in what many describe as an unappealing look and makes the pistols heavier than similarly sized guns from other manufacturers as well as having a high center of gravity. Some are of the opinion they are too heavy for concealed carry, but the low cost sometimes makes these handguns a very attractive option. An ugly gun is better than no gun.

Hi-Point firearms are very popular with recreational target shooters, hunters, campers, law enforcement and anyone seeking an affordable, American-made firearm.

Whichever model you choose, you are assured of reliability and accuracy at an affordable price.

Each is sized to assure a firm, comfortable grip and exceptional recoil control, and includes Hi-Point’s lifetime unconditional warranty. Hi-Point handguns are +P rated and accept all factory ammunition.

Additionally, every Hi-Point handgun model features:
High-impact grips
Free trigger lock
Durable, attractive easy-grip finish
Operations & safety sheet
100% American parts & assembly
Last round lock open
Magazine disconnect safety

40 S&W Specifications
Barrel length: 4.5"
Overall length: 7.75"
Weight: 35 oz.
Frame: High-impact polymer
Finish: Black powder coat
Capacity: 10-shot magazine standard
Sights: 3-dots, fully-adjustable rear sight
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