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Wilson Combat Hunter

The Hunter chambered in .460 Rowland offers .44 Magnum performance out of the time proven 1911 platform. It’s almost a half-inch slimmer than a typical large-caliber revolver with an easy carrying flat profile. Utilizing a special 7 round magazine and one in the chamber you have 8 rounds to stop your quarry, plus it only takes a couple of seconds to drop the empty mag, pop in a full one, and get back down to business with 7 more rounds. We’ve tested the Hunter with 185, 200 and 230 grain bullets and all shot essentially the same point-of-impact making it an ideal hunting handgun. For low light shooting the Hunter is equipped with Crimson Trace laser grips for precise shot placement in even the most difficult conditions.

Full-Size Carbon Steel Frame
30 LPI High Cut Checkered Frontstrap

High-Ride Beavertail Grip Safety
Tactical Thumb Safety
3 ½# - 3 ¾# Crisp Trigger Pull
Contoured Magazine Well
Crimson Trace Laser Grips®
Countersunk Slide Stop
5" Carbon Steel Slide
Lo-Mount Adjustable Rear Sight with Improved Ramp Front Sight
5 1/2“ Single Port Compensated Barrel (2 Port Compensated Barrel in 10mm) with Fully Supported Chamber, Hand Fit
Full Length Guide Rod with Reverse Plug

.460 Rowland
Actual Muzzle Velocity From the 5 1/2” Compensated Barrel
185gr JHP at 1425 FPS
200gr JHP at 1300 FP
230gr FMJ or JHP at 1250 FPS

Actual Muzzle Velocity From the 5 1/2” Compensated Barrel
140gr JHP at 1350 FPS
155gr JHP at 1320 FP
180gr FMJ or JHP at 1280 FPS
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