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Izhmash MEDVED-3


The carbine Medved-3 is intended for professional and amateur hunting medium-size and large game. It is chambered for a hunting cartridge 7.62x51 of a Russian make. The carbine has excellent performance in many hunting and geographical conditions.

The simplicity of design ensures reliable functioning of the carbine. The distinctive features of the carbine design are as follows: its light weight, high accuracy of fire, appearance and others attract hunters attention.

To decrease the recoil, the buttstock is equipped with the rubber butt plate. The trigger and firing mechanism is placed in the detachable trigger housing. It makes cleaning easy.

The safety bolt mechanism is placed in the detachable trigger housing. It makes the cleaning easy. The safety bolt mechanism effects the sear directly excluding an accidental shot. The sight leaf is provided with divisions which allow to fire at three distances from 100 up to 300 meters. The design of a scope mount allows aiming using an open sight without removing the optical sight. The buttstock and the hand guard are made of a high quality timber.

At Customer's wish the carbine may have an elegant outer decoration, artistic engraving with usage of precious metals. The carbine may be complete with the optical sight and the scope mount on special order.


Calibre, mm: 7.62
Cartridge to be used: 7.62x51
Barrel length, mm: 550
Sighting range using open sight, m: 300
Magazine capacity, rounds: 4
Trigger pull, kgf: 1.5 to 2.5
Weight of carbine without optical sight, kg: 3.6
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