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Izhmash SOBOL

SOBOL Hunting Rifle
The rifle is intended for hunting small and fowl.

The 5.6 mm (.22 LR) rimfire Russian made and international cartridges are used for firing.

The barrel is locked by a crank type locking mechanism with vertical axes of rotation. Reloading and feeding of cartridges are manual.

The iron sight is designed for shooting at 25 m and 75 m range. The receiver top features a "dovetail" base to mount an optical sight. The design of the rifle allows to fire through the iron sight without detaching the optical one.

The stock of the rifle can be made of different kinds of wood; birch, walnut or beech.

Caliber, mm: 5.6 (.22LR)
Cartridge: 5.6 rimfire (.22 LR)
Barrel length, mm: 500
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 320
Magazine capacity, rounds: 5
Weight of rifle without optical sight and accessories, kg, not exceeding: 3.0
Overall dimensions, mm, not exceeding
- length: 990
- width: 85
- height: 195
Mean spread of impacts at 50-m range, Match cartridge 3 groups of 5 shots each, mm, not exceeding: 25

The rifle comes with:
- set of tools and accessories for maintenance of the rifle;
- 3 magazines

On Customer's order the rifle may be complete with an optical sight and mounts to accept it.
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