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Izhmash SM-2

Izhmash SM-2
Standard small-bore sporting rifle.

The standard small-bore rifle, model SM-2, is one of the most popular sporting rifles.

The rifle comes in several versions: 5 kg in weight, 3.6 kg in weight (Kadet), with a safety, with a stock for left-handers and as a combination of these versions.

All the versions are made on a similar design concept and are intended for target shooting at a 50 m range in prone, standing and kneeling position. The rifle is used in women's and junior's shooting exercises.

The receiver features a special tray for easy loading of a cartridge to the chamber. The bolt is provided with an indicator of the firing pin cocked position.

The trigger mechanism allows it to adjust the trigger pull and travel without detaching the rifle from the stock.

Construction of the stock which features the longitudinally adjustable butt and vertically adjustable butt pad enables a shooter to choose a comfortable ready position.

5.6-mm (.22 LR) rim-fire cartridges are used for firing. The parameters of the barrel bore. chamber and bolt lock allow a reliable use of both the home-made and foreign cartridges.

The SM-2 comes with sets of front sights, and dioptres, accessories for cleaning and lubrication, sling.

Caliber, mm: 5.6 (.22LR)
Barrel length, mm: 680
for Kadet version: 500
Trigger pull, adjustable, kgf: 0.5 to 1.2
Trigger travel, adjustable, mm: 0.5 to 2.0
for version with safety device: 2 to 4
Amount of butt length adjustment, mm: 20
Amount of butt comb adjustment,in vertical plane for model SM-2-1, mm: 10.5
Amount of butt pad adjustment, from neutral position, upwards and downwards, mm: 30
Weight (without sling), kg: 5
for Kadet version: 3.5
Overall dimensions, mm: 1118?225?80
for Kadet version: 938?225?80

- adjustable buttstock comb
- left-handler with adjustable buttstock comb
- SM-2 Kadet
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