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Izhmash SAIGA 20S

Self-loading smooth bored shotgun

The Saiga-20 self loading smooth bored shotgun is intended for professional and sport hunting of small-and medium-size game under any weather and climatic conditions.

The shotgun features the 20 gauge barrel with the chamber which accepts the ammo equipped with shot or slugs, including Magnum with a 70 and 76 mm cartridge case.

The shotgun demonstrates reliability under the adverse conditions.

The shotgun is reloaded automatically due to the energy of powder combustion gases bled from the barrel bore to the gas cylinder and the energy of the return spring, as well.

For the purpose of diversifying operational capabilities the shotgun may be equipped with muzzle adapters of different chokes, including the muzzle adapter Paradox. The barrel bore, chamber, gas piston and the gas cylinder are chrome-plated to improve their service life and corrosion resistance.

The shotgun may be furnished with a sight leaf adjustable for windage and elevation, which makes zeroing and firing at moving targets more convenient. The gas motive unit is adjustable to match the parameters of internal ballistics inherent to the standard cartridges and Magnum cartridges, as well.

The Saiga-20S differs from the Saiga-20 in the availability of a special folded butt and an operating handle. The folded butt makes carrying and storing the shotgun more comfortable.The Saiga-20K features a short barrel, operating handle, folded butt, and a trigger/firing mechanism locking device to prevent the shotgun from shooting with the butt folded. This model may be used for security services and self-defense, as well.

Atop the receiver is a rail for the optical sight mount accommodation.

Complete set
The complete set of the shotgun includes a set of tools and accessories for shotgun maintenance.
On Customer's order the shotgun may be complete with an optical sight, a mount, a carrying case and a sling.

Gauge, mm: 20
Cartridge: 20x70, 20x76
Barrel length, mm: 570
Magazine capacity, rounds: 2, 5 or 8
Length with folded butt, mm: 810
Weight of shotgun (w/o magazine, accessories, carrying case, sling), kg: 3.5
Overall dimensions, mm: 1050x70x190
Accuracy of firing, 750mm target at 35m range, number of shots, %, min
- barrel with 0.9mm choke: 60
- barrel without choke: 40
Elongation of shotgun with muzzle adapter, mm: 30

Cartridges equipped with slugs or shot:
- 20 gauge cartridge with 70 mm (20x70) cartridge case;
- 20 gauge Magnum cartridge with 76 mm (20x76) cartridge case.
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