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Izhmash Bizon-2


The submachine gun Bizon is a weapon for the law enforcement and special forces.

There are several modifications of the weapon chambered for different rounds: Bizon 2 in 9x18 mm. Makarov pistol cartridge, and Bizon-2 01 in 9x19 mm. Parabellum.

The main distinguishing feature of the Bizon is the large capacity magazine placed under the barrel. This magazine holds 64 Makarov cartridges, or 53 Parabellum rounds. The underbarrel magazine does not increase overall dimensions of the weapon and functions as the forearm during shooting.

The Bizon submachine gun is equipped with a folding stock.

There are two stock modifications available: (1) a frame buttstock folding to the left, or (2) an upper buttstock folding on the receiver top. The submachine-gun can fire with the buttstock folded.

Depending on the submachine gun version, the trigger mechanism delivers both full-auto and semi auto fire or semi-auto fire only.

The Bizon can be provided with a sound suppressor and modern fire control.

There is a side mounting rail to accommodate collimator, optical and night sights.

The advantages of Bizon submachine guns are high accuracy and grouping, compactness and concealed carrying possibility, high performance during unprepared fire, stability during fire with one or two supporting hands, possibility to use sound suppressors and sights for special tasks.


BIZON 2 with frame buttstock
Caliber, mm: 9
Cartridge, mm: 9x18 Makarov
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 320
Sighting range, m: 100
Rate of fire, rounds/min: 680
Weight with empty magazine, kg: 2.7
Length, mm
- with unfolded buttstock: 690
- with folded buttstock: 480
Barrel length, mm: 230
Magazine capacity, rounds: 64

BIZON 2 01 with frame buttstock
Caliber, mm: 9
Cartridge, mm: 9x19 Parabellum
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 380
Sighting range, m: 200
Rate of fire, rounds/min: 750
Weight with empty magazine, kg: 2.9
Length, mm: 824
- with unfolded buttstock: 690
- with folded buttstock: 460
Barrel length, mm: 225
Magazine capacity, rounds: 53
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