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Izhmash 18.5 KS-K

18.5 KS-K
Military shotgun

Kalashnikov automatic weapons system was used to design the KS-K military shotgun.

The KS-K shotgun is similar to the Kalashnikov assault rifle in its layout. The shotgun has the minimal number of parts and can be easily assembled and dismantled. All that makes the gun easy to operate and maintain, and facilitates the training of shooters.

Shock absorbing butt plate and ergonomic plastic grip allow safe operation of the gun and enhance handling convenience. The stock folds to the left.

The shotgun is equipped with the magazine guide for easy charging. The 8-round detachable magazine and automatic bolt stop significantly increase the combat rate of fire.

The magazine can be charged with any twelve gauge ammunition - even 70, 73 and 76 mm long at the same time. The shotgun can fire both standard and non-lethal ammunition.

Picatinny rails on the top of the receiver and on the gas tube accommodate a wide range of optoelectronic scopes, a tactical light or a laser target designator.

AK-type iron sight makes it possible to swiftly aim at a target at a relevant distance.

Different types of muzzle adapters and barrel extenders can be fitted on the threaded muzzle. The standard slotted adapter reduces the flash during the firing and makes it possible to destroy door locks by resting the barrel against the obstacle.

The KS-K design ensures reliable operation and long life under any service conditions.

Gauge: 12 (18.25 + 0.25)
Ammunition 12/70; 12/76
Magazine capacity, rds: 8; 4
Weight (less magazine), kg: 3.8
Length, mm:
- with stock unfolded: 970
- with stock folded: 725
Width, mm: 70
Height (less magazine), mm: 215
Practical rate of fire, rds/min, at least: 40
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