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Izhmash Bars 4-1

Bars 4-1
Hunting rifles

The rifle is intended for hunting medium sized and big feather games. The trigger mechanism allows to adjust trigger pull, trigger travel and trigger release character. The design of the rifle makes it possible to deliver fire over the iron sight without detaching the optical one. The iron sight is used for shooting at 100m and 300m range. The stock of the rifle may be mad of different kinds of wood; birch, walnut or beech..

The rifle is manufactured in modifications as follows:
-5.6x39 caliber
-7.62x39 caliber
-.223 Rem caliber

Caliber, mm: 5.6x39, 7.62x39 or .223 Rem
Length of barrel, mm: 550
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 880 to 895
Magazine capacity, rounds:
-5.6x39 - 5
-7.62x39 - 5
-223 Rem - 7
Weight of rifle without optical sight and accessories, kg: 3.2
Overall dimensions, mm
-length: 1040
-width: 85
-height: 185

On Customer's order the rifle may be complete with an optical sight and mounts to accept it.
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