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Izhmash KITOLOV-2M

KITOLOV-2M 122mm
Guided artillery weapon complex

Kitolov-2M complex is intended to destroy light-armoured small ground targets with a shot done from 122mm caliber artillery systems (2S1, D30) when target is designated by means of a beam of a laser designator rangefinder.

Standard targets for the Kitlov-2M complex are the following:
positions of MLRS, artillery and mortars;
self-propelled artillery pieces, infantry combat vehicles, armoured carriers;
pillboxes and bunkers;
landing and transport ships and boats.

With decisive combat advantages Kitolov-2M is capable of:

destruction of single targets with rate of fire up to 3 rounds per minute;
salvo firing from multiple weapons against the protected targets designated by a single laser designator-rangefinder;
firing from up to 4 howitzers against several targets simultaneously, making no mutual interference;
effective firing with reduced demand on weather and ballistic data;
effective firing to a distance of up to 6…7km without weather and ballistic data (on the basis of topographic data).

As opposed to common artillery projectile being effective only at area fire, Kitolov-2M ensures destruction of definite targets by the first shot without fire adjustment.
Destroys moving targets (the speed is up to 30 km/h) with indirect fire by the first shot without fire adjustment.
Due to laser semi-active homing and high explosive fragmentation warhead it effectively destroys targets of different types, including armoured, placed openly and in weapon pits.
It doesn't require any special maintenance and storage conditions.

The complex includes:
122mm guided HE fragmentation projectile K122, Kitolov-2M;
encased propellant charge;
1D22 laser designator rangefinder;
radio set (R159M);
synchronization means (1A35M).

Projectile caliber, mm: 122
Projectile length, mm: 1200
Projectile weight, kg: 28
Maximum range of fire, km: 14
Direct hit probability: 0,8
Projectile control system: laser semiactive homing
Maximum range of
-tank type target designation by 1D22 (1D20): 7 (stationary target)
-laser ranger designator, km: 5 (moving target)
Warhead Type: high explosive fragmentation
Warhead Weight, kg: 12
Explosive Weight, kg: 5.3
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