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Izhmash Los-7-1

Hunting rifle

The Los-7-1 hunting rifle is intended for hunting big and medium size game.

The 7.62x51mm (.308Win) cartridges are used for firing.

The trigger mechanism of the rifle allows it to adjust the trigger pull, trigger travel and trigger character.

The design of the rifle makes it possible to deliver fire through the iron sight, with the optical sight in place.

The iron sight is used for firing at 100 and 300m range.

The stock of the rifle may be made of different kinds of wood; birch walnut or beech.

Caliber, mm: 7.62
Cartridge 7.62x51 (.308Win)
Length of barrel, mm: 550
Extreme spread (4shots at 100-m range), mm, max: 75
Trigger pull, adjustable, N (kgf) 10..15 (1.02..1.53)
Muzzle velocity, m/s: 810 to 830
Magazine capacity, rounds: Detachable, 5 rounds
Weight of rifle w/o optical sight and accessories, kg: 3.5
Overall dimensions, mm: 1060 x 85 x 185

The complete set includes a set of tools for servicing the rifle.
On Customer's order the rifle may be complete with an optical sight and mounts.
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