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Large-bore standard sporting rifles

The Record-CISM and Record-308-CISM large-bore standard rifles are intended for target shooting at a 300-m range in men's exercises in prone, standing and kneeling positions within the program of International Shooting Union (CISM).

The versions of the rifles differ in their complete sets:
rifle with a dioptrical sight;
rifle with a safety, iron sight and bipods;
rifle with a safety, iron and optical sights and bipods.
Each version may be manufactured in the following three modifications:
N - with standard accuracy of fire;
P - with improved accuracy of fire;
V - with high accuracy of fire.

The complete set contains:
anti-glimmer band;
adjustable diopter with built-in light filters;*
set of non-adjustable diopters;*
set of front sights;*
changeable front-sight bodies and intermediate base for sight line elevation adjustment;*
set of changeable spacers for the butt comb and pad adjustment;
two extra magazines;
magazine plug for single-shot fire;
tool kit for adjustments, assembly and disassembly;
set of accessories for cleaning and lubrication;
carrying case;
* for rifles with dioptrical sight.

Caliber, mm: 7.62
Cartridge: 7.62x54, .308Win
Accuracy of fire at 300m range for each modification, mm, max:
-N: 105
-P: 95
-V: 90
Barrel length, mm: 650
Trigger pull, adjustable, kgf: 1.5 to 2.04
Trigger travel, adjustable, mm: 0.2 to 2.0
for version with safety: 1.5 to 2.5
Amount of butt adjustment in length, mm: 20
Amount of butt comb adjustment, mm
- in vertical plane: 15
- in horizontal plane: 8
Amount of butt pad adjustment from neutral position, mm
-up and down: 30
-right and left: 7
Magazine capacity, rounds: 10
Weight (w/o optical sight, bipods and accessories), kg: 5.5
Overall dimensions, mm: 1220x250x100
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