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FN Herstal P90 / PS90

Just like the Five-seveN® handgun, the P90® submachine gun was developed around the 5.7x28mm ammunition to meet the Armies requirement in terms of efficiency.

Two versions are available:
P90® Standard

P90® Tactical
Either version can be fitted with an integrated visible or infrared laser.

Stopping Power for Close Combat

The P90® submachine gun and the SS190 ball ammunition team up to defeat the enemy in all close combat situations.

High Accuracy
The high velocity of the 5.7x28mm ammunition guarantees a virtually flat trajectory up to 200m for outstanding accuracy.

Fully Reliable
The simple design of the mechanism, the unique feed mechanism and the materials used to manufacture the P90® make it highly reliable, whatever the conditions.

Rapid Deployment
The P90® is carried ready to fire. There is no need to extend any folding buttstock. Despite its shortness, the P90® is designed to be fired from the shoulder, giving maximum stability.

Quick Aiming
The P90® Standard is fitted with an integrated optical sight without magnification. The user can therefore shoot with both eyes open. Performance is fully retained in low light conditions thanks to a tritium capsule.

Easy to Carry
The compactness of the P90® allows easy movement in confined areas. The magazine is fully integrated in the upper part of the P90® for optimized ergonomics.

Fully Ambidextrous
The cocking handle and magazine catch can be operated from both sides of the P90®. The fire selector is under the trigger and can be operated in either hand. Empty cartridge cases are ejected downwards. The P90® can therefore be handled by right- and left-handed operators without any modification.

High Magazine Capacity
Since the 5.7x28mm rounds are light and small, the magazine fitted above the barrel can accept up to 50 cartridges.

Technical Specifications
Calibre 5.7x28mm (NATO Recommended)
Operating principle Blowback, firing from closed breech
Overall length 500mm (19.7")
Weight (empty magazine) 2.78 kg (6.1 lb)
Weight (loaded magazine) 3.1 kg (6.8 lb)
Barrel length 256.5mm (10.2")
Integrated infrared laser No
Integrated visible laser No
Cyclic rate of fire 900 RPM
Firing mode Single shot, full auto
Magazine capacity 50 rounds
Maximum effective range 200m
Receiver Standard
Sighting system Integrated optical sight 1x
Top rail No
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