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Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI) Negev

The gun has two firing modes: semi-automatic and automatic. The availability of a semi-automatic mode in a machine gun is a technological leap which allows the machine gunner to fight in an urban theatre without the fear of collateral damage. No longer does the machine gunner need to carry an additional pistol or an assault rifle, he can fight in all scenarios using this multipurpose weapon.
The small structure (102cm total length) and a small weight (7.76 kg) allows quick maneuvering in built-up areas or if used from vehicles. The small size along with a reduced recoil makes this weapon ideal for the use of special forces and for urban fighting.

β€’ Left-folding stock – Allows operating of the weapon while the stock is folded.
β€’ Gun safety mechanisms – There are four mechanisms that minimize the chances of operator errors:

β€’ Ratchet mechanism - The mechanism forces the operator to cock the weapon all the way back. In case he doesn’t, the mechanism prevents the weapon from firing.
β€’ Barrel lock - The barrel cannot be extracted when the receiver cover is closed. This prevents accidental releasing of the barrel. Furthermore, the operator is forced to check the chamber before releasing the barrel.
β€’ Safety disables trigger.
β€’ Bolt carrier interrupter - prevents the weapon from being cocked when the safety is on.
β€’ The Negev 5.56-mm LMG is fed by a standard NATO or Galil magazines or belt. The magazine feeding option gives the gun a considerable operational flexibility. The magazine feeds the machine gun in the same fashion as an assault rifle.
β€’ The gun can be quickly dismantled in the field for maintenance.
β€’ The barrel can be changed using only one hand. This improves the cover time when covering a flanking force. When using one hand, the time is shortened to a minimum.
β€’ Beta-lights installed in the sights enable firing in dim light conditions.
β€’ The gun is equipped with picattiny rails for optical devices. The picattiny rails are welded to the receiver providing excellent accuracy.
β€’ The 45 degree assault handle allows an excellent grip of the weapon. This provides the ability to combat with or without the bipod.
β€’ The bipod is extremely durable and can withstand extreme operation without fear of wear and tear.
β€’ The Negev LMG can be mounted on all bases, be it vehicles, boats or helicopters.
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