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Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI) Uzi Pro

The UZI PRO Sub Machine Gun (SMG) is a lightweight magazine fed firearm, based on the famous UZI sub machine gun; it is blow back operated, shoulder or hip weapon that can be fired in automatic or semi automatic modes.

The magazine housing is located in the pistol grip, making the magazine replacement in the dark much more simple.

The UZI Pro main advantages are:
• Very small and compact
• Firing from closed bolt for maximum accuracy
• Integrated jump compensator (on barrel).
• Has 4 integral picatinny rails for optical sights \ accessories
• Has 3 safety mechanisms:
• Manual safety
• Grip Safety (must be fully depressed before the gun is cocked or fired).
• Firing Pin Blocker (close bolt version).
• Bottom part is made completely from polymer for reduced weight
• Silencer option (rapid assembly)
• Modern ergonomic design
• Simple maintenance – no special tools required for striping the SMG
• Combat proven – based on the famous UZI SMG
• Easy to use by right or left handed user
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