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Benelli Super Black Eagle II

Benelli Super Black Eagle II

A favorite among Benelli shotguns, the Benelli Super Black Eagle II sets the standard for styling, versatility and performance by which all other semi-auto shotguns are judged. If you're looking for a 12 gauge shotgun with unfailing reliability, the kind of reliability that you can count on, your search is over. As the original 3 1/2" semi-auto shotgun, the Super Black Eagle was on the cutting edge of shotgun development. The proven Benelli Inertia Driven bolt mechanism allows the Super Black Eagle II to shoot 2-3/4", 3" and even 3-1/2" magnum ammunition without adjustments.

ComforTech Plus

The Super Black Eagle II also incorporates some basic improvements, like the ComforTech system, reducing recoil up to 48% without adding any moving parts or weight. Compared to competing brands, the Benelli weighs 13 to 15% less. On average, that's more than a pound less! The ComforTech system reduces muzzle climb by 15% for fast follow-up shots, which allows shooters to get back on target up to 69% faster than the competition. The Super Black Eagle II is the quickest shooting and most reliable shotgun ever.

Crio Chokes
Crio Chokes are the second part of the Benelli Crio System. Extra-long choke tubes, with a more gradual constriction, coupled with the slick surface created by the cryogenic treatment, puts more pellets on target. The Benelli Crio System improves patterns by as much as 13.2% and yields denser, more uniform shot patterns.

The specially designed, longer choke tubes of the Crio System allows for more gradual constriction of the shot charge, which reduces pellet deformation. Frozen to -300F, Crio Chokes have a more evenly grained and slicker surface that provides less resistance to the shot charge as it passes down the bore. When coupled with a Crio Barrel, the result is as much as 13.2% more pellets on target.

Trigger Guard
Benelli's SBE II trigger guard has 30% more room, so even in the coldest waterfowling weather, the heaviest gloved finger will fit easily.

Heavy Duty Magazine Cap
The magazine cap has heavier ribs so that takedown is easier, even with gloved hands.

Barell Length: 24", 26", or 28"
Overall Length: 45", 45.6", 47.6" or 49.6"
Weight: 7.1 to 7.3lbs

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