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Benelli M2 Tactical

M2 Tactical

The M2 Tactical is a no-nonsense 12-gauge shotgun that police and military the world over reach for when the going gets tough. The M2 Tactical, like all Benelli semiautomatic shotguns is Inertia Driven®, which uses recoil energy to cycle the action. This eliminates all the problems associated with gas-operated systems, such as the necessity of frequent cleaning and the tendency gas-operated systems have for malfunctioning during adverse weather conditions. The M2 Tactical fires all 1 1/2 oz. or heavier 2 3/4" and 3" shot loads plus slugs.

The M2 Tactical features a fully adjustable ghost-ring aperture rear sight and military-style fixed-blade front sight or adjustable rifle sights. In addition the M2 Tactical comes with either a matte black synthetic stock with tactical pistol grip, or with a ComforTech® stock that reduces felt recoil by as much as 48%. The M2 Tactical is a shotgun you can bet your life on.

Drilled and Tapped Receivers
SBE II, M2 Tactical Ghost-ring and SuperNova Tactical Ghost-ring models accept a Weaver 93-A base. The Nova 12-gauge uses a Weaver 423M base.

Ghost-Ring or Open Rifle Sights
M2 Tactical, SuperNova Tactical, and Nova Pump Tactical models are available with either ghost-ring or open rifle sights. M3-Convertible comes with ghost-ring sights only. Optional three-dot tritium inserts available for ghost-ring sights.

Trigger Guard
Benelli’s M2 trigger guard and safety is ergonomically-designed, blending style and function.

Heavy Duty Magazine Cap
The magazine cap has heavier ribs so that takedown is easier, even with gloved hands.

Recoil Tube
The corrosion-resistant recoil tube and stainless steel spring can be accessed easily by removing the quick-detachable recoil pad.

Modular Stock System
The Benelli M2 and SuperNova Tactical models are available with choice of modular synthetic buttstocks and can be quickly reconfigured with a simple 13mm socket. All stocks are made of tough synthetic and have a textured matte black finish to provide years of reliable service.
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