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Benelli M2 Field

M2 Field

The Benelli M2 Field is the workhorse of the semi-auto Benelli shotguns, with the speed of a thoroughbred. Light, nimble, but ruggedly built, the M2 12-gauge shotgun and 20-gauge shotgun are built around the ultra-reliable Inertia Driven® bolt mechanism. The Inertia Driven® system allows the M2 to digest nearly any 12 gauge cartridge, from 2-3/4" target loads to the heaviest 3" magnums.

Benelli engineers have also adapted the ComforTech® recoil system for the M2. This revolutionary system reduces felt recoil by up to 48% and cuts muzzle climb by 15%. When combined, this puts the shooter back on target up to 69% faster than with any other comparable semi-automatic shotgun. The M2 is not only faster, but with the new ComforTech® system, it may be the most comfortable shotgun you will ever shoot.

Trigger Guard
Benelli’s M2 trigger guard and safety is ergonomically-designed, blending style and function.

Heavy Duty Magazine Cap
The magazine cap has heavier ribs so that takedown is easier, even with gloved hands.

ComforTech Gel Comb Insert
The ComforTech Gel Comb Insert is made from a special synthetic gel originally developed for the medical industry. This special insert not only cushions the shooter’s cheek during recoil, it also has a slippery surface that allows the cheek to slide along the surface for added comfort. Available in standard thickness, raised comb for target shooting or extra-high comb for scoped guns.

Barrel Lengths: 21", 24", 26", or 28"
Overall Lengths: 42.5, 45.5, 47.5, and 49.5"
Weights: 6.9, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2lbs
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