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Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI) TAVOR

Due to the dynamic changes in the modern battlefield, the threats of global terrorism and the demands of ever-changing combat situations, there was a need for a new versatile, innovative and technologically advanced weapon.

The TAVOR assault rifle was especially created to answer these varied demands, thus distinguishing itself as the ultimate weapon of the 21st century.

The TAVOR was developed in close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The Tavor is today in service in the IDF infantry troops as well as in the forces of other countries throughout the world. The rifle family has an excellent performance record in the battlefield with its attributes of high precision, reliability and human ergonomics being its leading characteristics.


Bull pup configuration.
Optimized ergonomic design.
30 Rds. Magazine capacity.
Body built of high strength impact modified polymer.
Detachable barrel.
Integrated reflex sight directly attached on to the barrel.
Conversion from day optics to night optics is done without the need of re-zeroing.
100% Ambidextrous thus making the use by right or left handed shooters easy.
Has true “OTB” (over-the beach) capability and can be safely fired after being submerged in water and not completely dry.
Designed for Minimum operator and armorer level maintenance, thus reducing maintenance and life cycle costs.
Folding back-up sights that include tritium for night combat.
Very easy field striping into 2 parts.
100% interchangeability with parts of the Tavor family, thus reducing the overall costs of the system.
Equipped with a last round stopper.
All the metal parts of the weapon are corrosion resistant.
Recoil absorbent butt pad for rifle grenade firing.

Comparison tests have proven the Tavor to posses the following significant operational advantages:
• Increases hit probability under fatigue and pressure.
• Superior reliability under extreme conditions.
• Uninterrupted day-to-night switch without re-zeroing.
• Ergonomic design for increased comfort and ease of use.
• Short rifle convenience with long barrel accuracy.
• Right and left handed operability.

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