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Benelli R1 Rifle

R1 Rifle

Benelli's R1 big game rifle recently got bigger. The R1 is now available in .338 Winchester Magnum, considered one of the most respected North American big game cartridges that's suitable for hunting large game like brown bear, moose and elk and Africa's largest plains game.

The Benelli R1 with ComforTech is currently available in .30-06, .300 Win. Mag., and the latest addition—the .338 Winchester Magnum. No rifle in the world that allows you to get back on target faster than the R1 with ComforTech just the ticket for hunting game anywhere in the world.

Pairing R1's ComforTech recoil dampening stock with Benelli's ultra-reliable A.R.G.O. piston-driven system really takes the sting out of recoil. Imagine a .300 Winchester Magnum that feels like you're shooting a light .270 and you'll understand what this hunting rifle from Benelli is all about. To put it more graphically, other high-powered hunting rifles kick about twice as hard.

R1 A.R.G.O. System
The reliability of the R1's Auto Regulating Gas Operated (A.R.G.O.) system has been proven in the M1014 military shotgun and has been adapted for centerfire rifle cartridges with a three-lugged rotary bolt. The rifle's gas cylinder is positioned just in front of the chamber allowing for short operating rods and reduced recoiling mass.

Drilled & Tapped Receiver with Picatinny Rail
All R1 receivers are drilled and tapped for scope mounting and come equipped with a Picatinny rail.

Quick-Detachable Magazine
Quick-detachable magazine holds three to four rounds, depending on caliber.

ComforTech Gel Recoil Pad and Comb Insert
ComforTech guns come standard with the 14-3/8" L.O.P. Gel Recoil Pad, and the Standard Gel Comb Insert.

R1 Rifle Sight Package
Benelli offers European-styled sights for the R1 Rifle. Developed in Europe for quick acquisition in heavy cover, these sights feature a fully adjustable rear blade and adjustable front sight, with a special red fiber-optic insert.

Calibers:.30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag, or .338 Win Mag
Barrel Length: 22"
Capaciity: 3+1 or 4+1
Overall Length: 44 or 46"
Average Weight: 7.1, 7.2, or 7.3lbs
Sights: Receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mount; picatinny rail included; open sights are available
Length of Pull: 14"
Drop at Heel: 1-3/4"
Drop at Comb: 1-1/4"
Comb: Raised comb included
With GripTight Coating
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