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Glock G32

Designed as a compact model, the GLOCK 32, in .357, offers a unique combination of versatility, convincing ballistics, optimum carry comfort, and the GLOCK pistol reliability. Many agencies have already equipped their officers with this high-powered semi-automatic pistol, especially those in national parks and rural areas. The advantages of the G32 become particularly decisive when deployed in the kind of open countryside these officers are patrolling.
Glock G32 Reviews

Posts: Guns / Glock: G32

Posted By: UncleBruiser
05/13/14 11:42 AM

I've had my G32 Gen4 for about a year now and love it. Shoots flat and the muzzle blast and concussion earns it raised eyebrows on the range. I've gradually shaped it into my CCW. I've taken off that damned trigger guard horn, added TFO sights and Ghost trigger. Since .357 Sig is expensive I've got a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel and 3 G19 magazines. It swaps back and forth in seconds and makes it cheaper to go to the range. I will eventually add a .40 conversion also just because I can. 3 guns for the price of 1 1/2. Perfect!