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Chiappa 1874 Sharps


Since 1849, year in which Christian Sharps patented his first rifle, till 1882, year in which the Company ceased its activity, the Sharps rifle played a fundamental role in American History. The Sharps percussion models were used in the revolutionary riots prior to the Civil War, while Sharps percussion Infantry and Cavalry models were used by Yankee battalions during the whole war period. Thanks to its excellent precision and to the large variety of calibers - from an easy cal. 40 to a more massive cal. 50 - the Sharps was undoubtedly one of the most popular rifles in those years, the most used both by ordinary soldiers and by officials. In those years the US Government bought 80,512 carbines and 9,141 rifles. After the Civil War many percussion Sharps rifles were converted into breech loading rifles with metal cartridges, so the post-war years were golden years for the Sharps Company as well. The most famous Sharps among all the models that the company produced was certainly the Sporting 1874 model, also called the Old Reliable Bufalo Rifle. Many famous names in the America of that period are bound to the name of Sharps. Men like Billy Dixon, Buffalo Bill Cody, Bat Matterson and many others used the great single shot rifle in hunting bisons, at the time when this animal was still roaming with immense herds on American plains. Chiappa Firearms, under the Armi Sport brand, has been producing faithful replicas of Sharps models since 1966, creating along the years a rich variety of versions. What all these versions have in common, is that all our rifles have a greatly reliable mechanism and that all parts are interchangeable with the originals. Oil finished American walnut stock. Barrel is blued tapered octagonal with 3/8" dovetail steel base with silver blade front sight. The rear sight is a steel flip up sight with elevation marked at 800 yds. Tang is predrilled for Creedmoor sight placement with 2 1/4" base. Different calibers and versions are available (some as "special production")

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