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Chiappa 1886 Lever Action

1886 Lever Action Rifle

Some sporting rifles are just too good to die, like the Winchester Model 1886. The 1886 was originally produced from 1897 until 1935 and has been resurrected as the Model 1886 by Chiappa Firearms. The original Winchester Model 1886 was created by gunsmithing genius John Moses Browning. Unlike the weak toggle-link actions of preceding Winchesters, the 1886 incorporated two solid steel locking lugs that slid up on either side of the bolt when the lever was closed, thus making a rocksolid arrangement for the longer-cased big-bore cartridges that were gaining in popularity, specifically the .45-70 Government. An added benefit of Brownings design was the action, smooth and faster to cycle than any other Winchester before it. The 86 became an instant success and saw sporting service worldwide and became the personal favourite of Theodore Roosevelt who was rumoured to take his 1886 everywhere. The Chiappa Model 1886 is chambered in the ever-popular .45-70 caliber and will be the perfect choice of serious hunters who want a hard-hitting lever-action that will drop any North American big-game animal. The new Model 1886 is an accurate re production of the original with the exception of 21st century technology. The components of the new Model 1886 will be machined to exacting tolerances assuring interchangeability of parts utilizing modern metallurgy with a twist rate in the barrel suitable for today's ammunition.

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