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CZ ceska zbrojovka CZ 75 Compact

CZ 75 Compact

Product Description

At 5" tall with a barrel length of just under 4", the Compact model shaves a little more than 3/4" off the length and about 1/2" off the height of the full-size CZ 75. Its reduced size allows it to readily disappear under regular clothing. The CZ 75 DA/SA action with a manual safety lever provides the user with two options for carry: hammer-back with the safety on for single action operation or manually decocked for a double action first shot with no need to remember to take off the safety before firing. Because the 75 Compact retains the steel frame of the original 75, only 2.4 oz of weight is lost, making it the softest-shooting compact in the CZ 75 line.

The U.S. Army "Mean Rounds Between Failure" (MRBF) requirement is 495 rounds for 9mm pistols. During testing of the CZ P-01, the average number of stoppages was only 7 per 15,000 rounds fired. This is a .05% failure rate or an MRBF of 2142.

Ammunition: 9mm
Magazine Capacity: 14

Weight: 2.030 lbs
Overall Length: 7.240 in
Barrel Length: 3.800 in
Height: 5.030 in
Width: 1.380 in

Frame: Steel
Grip: Plastic
Trigger Mech.: SA/DA
Sights: Fixed
Safety: Manual Safety, Safety Stop on Hammer, Firing Pin Safety
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