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Detonics DTX


While avoidance and training can deter some of the affects of the SNS, the fact is that 90% of all firearms encounters are at night, within 20 feet or less, and the attack is spontaneous the victim has no warning. Under these conditions, the SNS triggers physiological responses to enhance information about the predator and survival. A few include:

Increased blood flow to major muscle groups to make us fast, quick and strong.

Squaring the head toward the target, which turns the shoulders to the target.
Using both eyes equally (binocular vision).
The visual network focuses on the predator by using far vision, at the cost of not being able to focus on objects less than 3-4 feet away.
The inability to focus on specific colors within the light spectrum.
The squaring action (referred to as the orientation reflex) also prepares the body for sprinting, jumping or lunging by angling the joints to spring, stabbing or puncturing a predator.
The inability to think rationally or execute simple skills.
The loss of precision skills requiring finite wrist, hand and finger alignment.
Shock appearing responses to include hair standing on end, excessive sweating, etc.

The ideal weapon system would account for the SNS responses and include design principles to include:

A grip that conforms to the human hand.
A grip that can be retained when hands are sweating.
A grip designed to reduce the distance between the backstop and the trigger, thereby minimizing finger travel on the trigger.
A grip that enhances mans instinctive orientation to point shoot.
Includes over-sized control features.
A site system based upon mans day and night color spectrum, instead of three-point dot orientation.
A break down procedure that takes seconds.
A break down procedure that does not require precision motor skills.
A weapon with very few parts.

Detonics is proud to introduce the DTX, the first semi-automatic pistol engineered on Combat Human Factor research. Every major component of the DTX is designed to enhance combat point shooting accuracy, to compensate for the precision impairments triggered by SNS activation, and enhance ease of operation.

Technical Specs:
Caliber: .40 S&W, 9mm
Height: 5.00 inches
Weight Empty: 25.5 oz.
Width: 1.25 inches
Length: 8.55 inches
Magazine Capacity: .40S&W 14+1, 9mm 16+1
Sights: Low Profile/Low Light Primal Sights
Material: Aluminum/Polymer Frame, 4340 Slide
Finish: Two-Tone Cerakote
Grip: Aluminum or Polymer
Barrel Length: 4.25 inches
Action: Double Action Only
Release Date: Summer 2012
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