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Detonics MTX


The MTX Series of pistols have been designed with ergonomics in mind. The grip has been carefully designed to give the best possible feel, while providing features that increase recoil control, access to safety and manual controls, and shortening the distance to the trigger.

Technical Details:
Calibre: .45 ACP
Barrel Length: 3.5 Inch Match Grade Bull
Overall Length: 7.2 Inches
Empty Weight: 36 oz.
Sights: Low Profile Fixed Serrated
Finish: Black over Black or Black over Silver
Grip Width: 1.23 Inches
Slide Width: .92 Inches
Dust Cover Width: .83 Inches
Backstrap to Trigger: 2.56 Inches
Backstrap to Undercut
Trigger Guard: 2.0 Inches
Magazine Capacity: 10+1

-Detonics slide serrations are 3D machined to provide the greatest amount of grip to the hand, no matter the orientation.
-All Detonics MTX series pistols come standard with an accessory rail for weapon-mounted flashlights and laser sights.
-The Detonics MTX series pistols have been machined with the grip with ergonomics in mind. The trigger guard and grip are deeply undercut to allow for a high hold on the pistol, helping to reduce the felt recoil.
-The Detonics MTX series pistols come standard with an extra large magazine well for fast reloads.
-The serrations on the Detonics MTX series pistols have been carefully designed to provide maximum grip during recoil.
-The new Detonics Scorpion Tail is a one piece design that eliminates the standard beavertail grip safety to allow for a high hold, helping to reduce felt recoil.
-The new Detonics hammer comes with extra wide and deep serrations for a positive grip. The serrations are also machined at different heights to allow the thumb to more properly seat.
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