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BUL G-Cherokee, Compact

G-Cherokee, Compact

The G-Cherokee Compact is similar to the Cherokee Compact, retaining its impressive fire-power in a compact, concealable package.

Featuring a slightly wider back-strap, it is ideal for users with larger hands, and for use with the designated telescopic shoulder-stock.

Technical Specs:
Caliber: 9x19mm
Capacity: 17+1
Weight: 730 Gr.
Overall Length: 195mm
Width (excluding Slide-Stop): 32.3mm
Height: 140mm
Barrel Length: 93mm
3 Dot System: Rear, drift-adjustable; Front. fixed steel
Night Sights Optional
Sight Radius: 138mm
Type of action: DA/SA
Trigger Pull: 2.5Kg.
Trigger travel till discharge: 7.6mm (Single-Action)
Safeties: Manual, Firing Pin; safety & Half-Cock
Frame Construction: Injected Fiber reinforced polymer
Slide Construction: Made from a forged 18 Cr Mo4 Steel part
Barrel Construction: Made from a forged 34 Ni Cr Mo6 part
Barrel Rifling: Right Hand, rifled, 6 grooves, 1 turn in 250mm
Porting: Optional
Finish: BUL Tough or Black Oxide
Grip to Slide Axis: Nearly Natural, 104 degrees
Natural Point of Aim: Natural POA is 105 degrees
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